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Richiger Grain Baggers and Bag Unloaders

Grain Bagger



Grain Bag Unloader

Grain Bag Plastic Roller

Rolls your used grain bag off the unloader for a manageable package for disposal.

Why Bag Grain?

  • Concentrate on harvesting and storage, no need to worry about selling in a low market.
  • On farm storage eliminates elevator fees
  • Provide extra space when you have a bumper crop.
  • Fill a 10' Bag at 23,000 bu per hour.
  • Unload 12,000 bu per hour.
  • Very clean and easy to operate

The R950 Roller Mill-Grain Bagging Combination machine will roll and bag your grain at 3,150 bushels an hour!

Flexi-Grain Storage

Flexi-Grain Storage
is an integrated method whereby different kinds of grains can be stored and handled on-farm or in any suitably located site in a simple, secure and economical way by containment in large airtight plastic bags, with no constraints on the tonnage that can be stocked  in this way. A large bumper crop or simply more grain to be put in storage after a good harvest means more bags to be filled, an auspicious state of affairs and a task easily handled by our sturdy and reliable baggers in either their R-9 or R-10versions. The system comes full circle when the formerly complicated and work-intensive job of transferring grain contained in the bags to truck or wagon is done swiftly and effortlessly with our EA-250 or EA-350 model unloaders equipped with new, patented features that put them well ahead of the pack with regard to speed and ease of use.

Can Flexi-Grain Storage boost your earnings in a significant way?

Yes, because the Flexi-Grain Storage system gives you greater control than ever before over all phases of crop storage and management at a very affordable cost when compared to traditional storage methods. Consider the Richiger unloaders: until this simple to operate, yet one-of-a-kind design was introduced, the use of tractor-mounted loaders, skid steers and pneumatic conveyors made the task of emptying grain bags slow and laborious at best, and an issue that needed to be addressed decisively. Not so anymore, as this formerly awkward chore has become an exceedingly quick, efficient and straightforward one-man operation.

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